Our Story

We are two style devotees, soul-searching in our twenties, to find our passions. With ambitions to design a distinctive online women’s boutique, we have created SoulTwenty. Bold and eclectic in its approach, S20 offers affordable, modern, classic, & effortless pieces to build the ideal wardrobe. We look forward to what lies ahead in this journey and invite you to join us as we continue to live our story. 

Compassion & fashion are my driving forces.
 My soul does a little happy dance each time I find the perfect piece that completes my space or enhances my wardrobe. A nurse by trade, I found helping people a perfect compliment to an imperfect world. My compassion for people led me to the nursing field, but my passion for retail & decor—with a creative, keen & intuitive eye—has led me to this point in my life, for which I could not be more excited.
 Celebrating our differences & enhancing each customer’s uniqueness is my desire here at S20. It’s not just shopping, it’s an experience for your soul.
M A E G A N 

A Cosmetologist Turned Retail Maven. 
My love for all things beauty and fashion began at a very early age and I eventually found myself in cosmetology school learning the hair & makeup side of fashion. An opportunity in retail followed and I realized I’d found my niche. Helping people look and, more importantly, feel their very best is the most rewarding part of this business for me and is my goal for SoulTwenty. When you look good, you feel good—good as in “perfect red lip styled with that LBD” good.

P.S. You can never go wrong with a little black dress.

My vision here at SoulTwenty is to help you exude confidence by owning your authentic self through effortless style. We all have a ‘soul story’ that has shaped us into who we are and, I hope here at S20, we can help you express yours. It’s your story—own it, trust it, live it—in style.